Moisture Chamber Review

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Moisture Chamber Goggles

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Moisture chamber goggles can relive dry eyes at night.

Today I will be reviewing some moisture chamber glasses/goggles that I purchased online. They are goggles made out of foam with rubber eye covers. Inside the goggles they have these moisture pads that can be easily taken out. You can either run these pads under warm or cold water depending if you want to reduce puffiness or swelling  in the eyes (cold water) or get back moisture into them (warm water). The goggles have an adjustment material strap to fit comfortably around your head.

Moisture chamber goggles claim to help keep in moisture in the eyes, limiting air flow that causes evaporation of tears and can aid in relieving the eyes of pain. The goggles shield the eyes from dust and other irritants in the air. The reason why I purchased a pair is because when I get up in the mornings I am in pain as soon as I open up my eyes. My eyes are so dry that my eye balls get stuck on my eye lids! I always use ointment before bed but there is still no relief to my eyes as that wares out within a couple of hours and I try to get 8 hours sleep per night. During my sleep, I always have to get up at night and apply drops.  That’s the extent of how dry my eyes are.

Moisture chamber goggles can be used as a hot and cold compress. When adding warm water in the moisture pad inserts this helps open up the meibomain glands and increase the humidity around the eyes.

When adding cold water to the moisture pad inserts they reduce the symptoms of eye allergies and puffy eyes as well as reducing swelling and inflammation.

The goggles comprise of:

Moisture Pads – This is where you add hot water or cold water to them. (These need to be disinfected after wearing them with baby shampoo and water)

Eye Cushion – Rests comfortably on the eyes when goggles are worn.

Eye Cover – Made out of rubber.

Adjustment Slider- Adjusts how tight you want the goggles to be.

Comfort Wrap- Made out of material and rest comfortably at the back of your head.

The website where I brought the goggles is  from a US website called The Dry Eye Zone, they have a dry eye shop called . There were a variety of colors to chose from as well as a description on what they are. They cost me $39AU and postage was $15.92AU. Delivery was pretty quick I purchased the goggles on the 16th of November and received them on the 24th of November, which took just over a week.

First night:

I followed the instructions on the packaging and used warm water from the tap (it said on the instructions for the water temperature to be like shower temperature) to soak the moisture pads that go into the goggles. I put Lacriube on my eyes as it tells you to keep following your bed time routine. I slightly adjusted the straps on the side so the goggles could stay on my face. I couldn’t feel that much heat to my eyes as I would have liked, maybe I didn’t use enough hot water.  The next morning I woke up with the goggles on the floor, woke up with my eyes feeling the same as usual. I guess it will take time to adjust to these things.

Second night: I couldn’t find my ointment so I just put in drops into my eyes instead. I adjusted the straps to make them more tighter so they wouldn’t fall off like the night before.  This time I boiled hot water and put in a plastic container and soaked the moisture pads  for a minute. This time I could feel steam on my eyes and fell asleep easy with them on. As the goggles are made of foam they feel comfortable on the face and I could easy sleep on my side with out any problem.

The next morning I woke up still wearing the goggles. My eyes felt slightly better but I needed to put some drops in to lubricate my eyes.  My eyes looked less bloodshot as they normally would.

Third Night:

I used Lacrilube again and didn’t sleep with them the entire night. I think the straps were not tight enough. Woke up with same annoying dry eye feeling. Have to make sure the straps are tight for the next night.

Forth Night:

I went to adjust the straps before I went to bed and when I went to make the strap tighter the strap detached itself from the eye cover. It wasn’t broken 0r anything but it was difficult to put back together. I slept without them.

Fifth Night:

Goggles now fixed(took me forever to put back together) I slept with them the entire night. Woke up with my eyes still in pain. I noticed in the morning my goggles are still wet from the water. I didn’t use ointment in my eyes as they make my eyes very red the next morning.


I’m not really a fan! In order for these goggles to stay on the entire night I had to make the straps really tight which is uncomfortable to sleep in. If I wear them the entire night there is not change in the morning. I think they are good to use for about 10 minutes when eyes are feeling saw, they help relieve the pain. Maybe I didn’t use them for long enough. I tried one afternoon using the goggles with cold water and it temporally reduced the redness of my eyes. I think these goggles are good for people who sleep with their eyes partly open as it will stop their eyes from drying out.

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