Naturopaths for Dry Eye?

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fish oil 217x300 Naturopaths for Dry Eye?

Naturopaths recommend Omega 3 for dry eye syndrome

Naturopath to aid Dry Eye

I recently went shopping with a friend and we went into one of those health food stores. My friend brought a couple of things from there and when we were at the counter to pay, I asked the lady working there if she would be able to recommend me some things that I could try for my eyes. I mentioned to her how unhelpful ophthalmologists are and she didn’t sound surprised. She insisted I come and see her at her clinic as she is a naturopath and she said she would need at assess me. She stated that she could guarantee that she would be able to tell me what I was lacking and what I would need to take to treat the condition. She was very sure of herself. I took down her number but never called her back. Are naturopath’s worth seeing? It couldn’t hurt right? Has anyone had any success stories with seeing a naturopath? Please share your experiences with naturopaths.

I know the one thing she will say for sure and that is to take omega 3 fatty acids like fish oil 3 times a day. Fish oil as it apparently increases tear production. For months on end I took fish oil 3 times a day along with taking evening primrose oil twice a day and that didn’t work for me. What are your thoughts on naturopaths to aid in dry eye?

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